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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloggolalia: Is it the "Favre Penis Story" or "Favre Sexual Harassment Story"?

During Blogs with Balls, there was an amusing exchange about Deadspin's predilection for publishing penis photos. I laughed as much as anyone and enjoyed watching some editorial squirming. But in retrospect, there's something not so funny about the entire exchange.

We certainly have some sports blogs that thrive on getting scoops to stories that mainstream media won't print. Like many of you, I question why it matters that a 23 year-old athlete went on a date with a 17 year-old, or that a no-name Division III volleyball player may or may not be the girl in some risque photos. There's certainly plenty of room for criticism.

However, at times sports blogs that publish such stories get too much criticism. Is the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger story really about publishing photos? Is this really a right-to-privacy story? Or is this more accurately a sexual harassment story that involved abuse of power, attempted adultery, and an age gap that might even make a Hollywood actor think twice? A story where few would take any notice or believe it was true until transcripts and photos were provided?

There seems in some circles to be a steadfast refusal to give sports blogs any credit for publishing such stories. But don't such stories help protect women who work in close contact with athletes? Don't sports blogs, as puny as their power may be, give harassed workers and minor athletes a rare outlet against their often powerful harassers? Especially in situations where local media has been all but bought and paid for by the harassers themselves, such as in smaller college towns or Boston (nice Red Sox coverage lately)?

Yes, I don't expect to see Brooks to be sharing the Nobel Peace Prize in five years, or Daulerio to be receiving certificates of appreciation from NOW. But to balance out some past criticism they've received, the existence of their blogs provides some sort of opportunity for quirky justice. Sometimes sports blogs have gotten it wrong (widespread mistrust of Big Ben's first accuser comes to mind), but other times their existence has helped balance power, just a little bit. It is possible to combine mega-hit blogs with doing the right thing, and I do appreciate the times it has happened. I hope it happens even more often.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Posterized: White Men Throwing Heat Edition

Sorry the posters aren't that funny this week; had a hard time thinking of subjects.

My quick rant this week is on Favre. It's fascinating how his decision to not retire looks when viewed at different time intervals. Here's what the Packers record has looked like in the past 3 years:
8-8 (4-8 followed by a 4 game win streak)

So if you looked at the Packers record in 2005 or midway through 2006, his decision to return looked awful. It appeared as if the Packers were plunging into the basement after years of above-average records. But if you look at the Packers now, it appears as if that 4-12 campaign was the only losing season in a decade of winning or .500 level seasons. And guess what? Even with the recent success, it's still hard to say whether Favre's decision was wrong or right until 3-4 years after he retires. Suppose the Packers go 2-8 for the rest of the year. Then experts might say that the Packers had 0 winning seasons since 2004, and that Brett had made a mistake in returning. This is why it's really hard to evaluate whether a certain decision is wrong or right, because your time frame limits you.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blatant Bias: Brett Favre and the Slacker Green Bay Front Office

Don Banksand Jemele Hill both recently slammed Favre for getting involved in the GM side of the business. I have a lot of respect for both of them, but I think they both messed up this time. Yes, Brett Favre is not a GM and shouldn't be trying to do other people's jobs...unless they aren't doing their jobs!

Since Ron Wolf left Green Bay, the front office has signed no significant free agents (unless you count Tim Couch?!?!) and made no real moves outside of the draft. I don't know if they are afraid to spend money or what, but they have done nothing in the last few years. Yes, it's tempting to blast Brett because of all the hero-worship he's gotten in the decade since his Super Bowl win, but shoot him for the right reasons. I like Don and Jemele's writing usually, but I think they didn't do their homework this time.